Fashions for Summer 2016

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2016 seems to be flying by at an accelerated pace. It feels like just yesterday we were waking up hungover on New Year’s Day and trying not to break our new year’s resolutions already. Now, we’ve somehow ended up midway through March, and Easter is nearly upon us. Before you know it, we’ll be enjoying the summer months once more.

A change in seasons means we get warmer weather and people start to get outside more. It also means there are some new fashion trends to enjoy, and summer clothes to wear. Every year, we tend to see a selection of things that are made popular in the summer. So, to keep you on your toes, I’ll take you through some of the summer fashions this year. After reading this, you’ll know exactly what to purchase for your summer wardrobe.

Summer Slides

When summer comes around, it means you’re looking for a change of footwear. For most people, this means slipping into a pair of sandals or flip flops. However, Summer 2016 is said to be all about the slides. These are footwear that gives you the style of a sandal, and the functionality of a flip-flop. You can pick up some super chic ones that are perfect for different occasions. Your feet will be on show, so make sure you spend your money on a summer pedicure while you’re at it. I wouldn’t advise wearing these with horrible feet!

High Waisted Shorts

The great thing about all the warm weather is that it lets us show off some extra skin without feeling guilty. High waisted shorts let us do just that, in a tasteful manner too. The beauty of these shorts is that they let you show off a lot of legs, while retaining tonnes of style. You can get them in so many different varieties and styles. I’m sure you can find a pair no matter where you’re going or what you need to get dressed up for.

Neoprene Swimsuits

Of course, the beach is a big part of summer fashion, and you can’t go to one without a swimsuit. This year, the fashion trend is neoprene bikinis. These are bikinis made out of a synthetic material, they feel great, and come in vibrant colours. Get your hands on a few and you’ll stand out from the crowd in the luminous colouring. Naturally, you need to get bikini ready, which means booking yourself a hair removal appointment. Bare Laser Therapy offers hair removal treatments in London (Hackney) that can get your bikini line ready for the summer ahead.

Now, there are more summer fashion trends out there this year. Things like maxi dresses are very popular if you have a fancy summer party to attend. But, the three things I’ve mentioned here are the biggest trends, and ones you should follow. If your mind is already dreaming of those long summer nights and days at the beach, then maybe it’s time to re-stock your wardrobe. Get your hands on everything mentioned above, and you’ll have a stylish summer.