Getting your legs ready for summer

Hair Removal London

Summer is finally here, and people across the capital are shedding their heavy winter clothes for light summer wear. For women, this means it’s time to show our legs in pretty summer dresses, gorgeous and colourful miniskirts and stylish shorts. Unfortunately, the harsh winter can be unkind on legs, especially when they’re covered for most of the year, so it’s time to prep those pins and get them back in shape.

Start off by scrubbing your legs in the shower with an exfoliating body scrub to remove the build-up of dead skin. You can make your own scrub by mixing brown sugar and olive oil together, which has the additional benefit of moisturising the skin and can be used not only on your legs but all over your body. Massage your scrub over your legs in circular motions to slough off all that dead skin.

To keep your legs silky smooth throughout the summer, bin the razor and hair removal cream and try laser hair removal instead. We offer laser hair removal in London from our friendly salon in Hackney and the results are astonishing. It’s pain free, results last up to six weeks and 80% to 90% of hair is eliminated permanently after attending six sessions. You don’t want to have to cover up unsightly razor marks or tear skin off with waxing strips, so laser hair removal really is the best option for gorgeous legs.

Once your legs are exfoliated and hair-free, lather them up with a summery scented body lotion or moisturiser, let it dry, then slick a little highlighter down your shins to give your legs a gorgeous glow. Give them a spray of your favourite scent to finish off, and voila – you’ll have the perfect pair of summer ready legs!