Tights or bare legs in London this summer?

Laser Hair Removal inLondon.jpg

The big question on most ladies’ lips every year as the sun starts to rear its yellow head is “shall I wear tights or go bare legs?”

Whether you can get away with ditching the pantyhose, leggings or jeans can be a dilemma for older women in particular, who may feel their legs are getting past their sell-by date. Nonsense, we say – because with laser hair removal, we can help you confidently get your pins out in around the capital this year.

Tights went out of fashion some time in the ’80s, along with formal suits and shoulder pads; therefore, if you’re thinking that bare legs on older women is a bad look, wearing tights is even worse!

There’s no need to cover up your legs and suffer the heat, here’s how you can achieve summer ready legs, whatever your age:

Go fuzz free

Booking yourself in for laser hair removal in London with Bare Laser Therapy before the summer will definitely help in your aspiration to go bare-legged and gorgeous.

Having bare legs on show requires you to adhere to the number one rule for glamorous legs; no fuzz, and with laser hair removal it means no fuss either, because it’s a permanent body hair removal solution.

Take care of your skin

Beautiful, hair-free legs need soft, smooth skin to show them off to their best advantage.

To develop beautiful skin, why not take advantage of our massage sessions? Massaging your skin with nourishing oils stimulates blood flow which leads to radiant skin, and as massage accesses the circulatory and lymphatic systems, it can improve the appearance of cellulite, too.

Muscle tone

One of the very best ways to achieve summer-ready legs is to tone them up. Just doing simple, effective actions will make a huge difference to the appearance of your legs. Cycling (even one mile a day will make all the difference), walking, simple sets of daily lunges or squats that you can do in your own home, and swimming are all good!