Fungal Nail Treatment in Central & East London

What is It?

Fungal nail infections or ‘Onychomycosis’ affects a huge number of adults in the UK, with some estimates reporting in as high as 6-8% of the population! Given it is so widespread and extremely infectious to boot, there is relatively little public awareness of the disease and the fungal toe treatment options available.

How can it be treated?

Caught early and treated with our Nd:Yag laser, fungal toenails can be cured and a normal healthy nail left to grow in its place very quickly. We recommend you commit to a course of six weekly treatments to ensure success. We offer this fast, affordable, and pain free package of 4 treatments for £350. If you suspect you have a fungal nail infection and would like a correct diagnosis and treatment, call us to arrange an appointment.

Before and after fungal nail treatment

Fungal Toe Treatment East London

Bare Laser Therapy provide Fungal Toe Treatment East London