Thread Vein Removal in Central & East London

What are They?

Broken veins are typical on the nose and cheeks, but can be found all around the face, and even on the legs. Sometimes they just look like a red dot or sometimes the leaky capillaries may cause general background redness to the skin, giving you rosy, flushed cheeks. Bare Laser Therapy provide thread vein removal East London.

They are often hereditary and may be triggered by spicy foods, changes of temperature and alcohol. Certain social situations, such as going out to eat with friends, may make it worse for you and even make you want to avoid these situations all together, or feel like you can’t leave the house without heavy make-up.

How can they be treated?

Our laser thread vein treatment works by laser light being directed at the veins which causes them to heat up extremely quickly. As a rule of thumb, if you can see facial thread veins then they are broken and so no longer needed by the body. These unwanted red veins get broken down and collapse in on themselves, in a process called photothermolysis.

We often see that one to three treatments will remove the veins by as much as 75%.