Sports Massage in Central & East London

Bäre Laser Therapy (based in Hackney) offers professional sports massage in East London and Central London to a variety of clients from various backgrounds. Don’t be fooled by the name: sports massage isn’t just a type of treatment that’s intended for athletes. It can revitalise the muscles and ligaments of every one of us, and is an ideal practice to both treat and prevent injuries that relate to muscles and connective tissues. If you’ve ever struggled with a stiff neck, a tight lower back or just sore shoulders, then a good sports massage is for you.

What Do Sports Massages Involve?

Practitioners of sports massage go about this treatment in different ways, and when you come to us for a sports massage in Central London or similar, we’ll tailor our methods to your own requirements and tolerance levels. All sports massage involves moving or ‘manipulating’ soft tissues, it’s just that the movements are typically slower and exert deeper pressure when compared with more general forms of massage. Some of the most common techniques involve:

  • Standard massage techniques that you’ll probably already be familiar with.
  • Isolating and stretching select muscle groups using subtle movements.
  • Breaking down tension or adhesions in a particularly problematic area.
  • Separating the different layers of connective tissue that may be causing an issue.

All of our masseurs are professionally trained, and our clinic boasts a comfortable environment and all of the up to date technology you could want, giving you confidence that we can meet your needs.

Contact Bäre Laser Therapy for Sports Massage in East and Central London

Don’t hesitate to contact our professionals to receive a relaxing sports massage, and don’t forget that you don’t have to have any sporting background to benefit from this treatment. It really is of value to anyone. Call our sports masseur direct on 07752 894 119 or contact us via email.