What to Wear with Bare Legs This Autumn

Super sad, we know, but summer is almost over. Pretty soon we’ll be packing up the sunglasses, and shunting the swimsuits to the back of the wardrobe. But then what do we wear? Well, with the impending arrival of autumn, it’s time to look to the upcoming autumnal fashion trends that are about to hit (and psst, just because it’s autumn doesn’t mean you need to focus on earth tones). Better yet, these fab clothes will totally complement your bare legs.


Duster Jackets

Duster jackets are just about as timeless as you can get. An autumnal-coloured duster will take care of your upper body, but don’t pair your duster with loose trousers or skirts that might only make you look bigger than you are. Balance out the heavy upper body with something that’ll really show off those legs.

Puffer Jackets

Not a fan of the classic duster? How about this throwback, the puffer jacket? Continuing the current love of all things 90s, puffers will be making their inevitable comeback. With its bulk up top, pair a puffer jacket with slimming jeans or a svelte dress to make the most of this trend.

Shearling Coats

What better way to show off those lush legs than with a shearling coat? Rebooting the classic look, these cut-off coats, typically crafted from sheepskin or pelt, are a great way to bring some rustic traditionalism to the city.


There’s something incredibly classy about velvet, when worn the right way – and this autumn we’ll be seeing precisely how it’s done. Flash those ankles by choosing colourful renaissance-style velvet dresses that tightly cover the body and make you feel like an extra in Romeo and Juliet.


Ok, this might seem more like a Christmas-themed joke that you’d wear to the office party, but seriously, tinsel-style dresses and sweaters are making an entrance here. Perfect for creating a real stir when stepping out with those perfect legs.

Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are a staple of any modern woman’s wardrobe – so it’s great that these are making a big come back this season, with a little twist. This year it’s all about layering those outfits, with just about everything from knitwear to blouses. This is one outfit you can’t fail to feel confident wearing.

Socks (with Heels)

It may be a fashion faux pas to wear socks with sandals, but this autumn get ready for coupling your socks with heels. White ribbon socks are perfect to achieve this look, while still offering a little protection against the elements.


The ultimate in autumn/winter fashion, the scarf if making a massive comeback this year, with an emphasis on chunky knitted numbers. Much like duster jackets, these add a focal point up top, leaving your legs to do the talking downstairs. They’ll also keep you warm when the chill sets in. Perfect!


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